Future Travel Plans

Future Travel Plans: New York, New Orleans and Mexico

In 2013 I visited Austin, Texas, Europe, New York (twice), LA (twice) and Northern California (too many times to count, ha!).

Here’s where I plan on visiting in 2014:

1. New York, New York

Manhattan skyline
Photo courtesy of Eric

I go to New York a lot (about twice a year). I used to live there (I finished high school there, attended college in a hippie town upstate and then spent a year living in Brooklyn), so I guess it’s no surprise that I go back a lot.

I’ll be heading there for a few days after Christmas (I’ll be in the city for New Years!). This isn’t so much of a “vacation” as it is a chance to catch up with old friends and get out of Las Vegas for a bit.

2. New Orleans, Louisiana

river in New Orleans
Photo courtesy of Greg L Jones

I’ve never been to New Orleans but have been wanting to go for about five years now. I’ll be going with a friend from high school (the same girl who went with me to Jamaica, Hawaii and Austin). Got any recommendations for things I should do while there?

3.  San Miguel de Allende, Mexico

colonial mountain town in Mexico
Photo courtesy of Jack Newton

One of my college friends (she went to Finland, London and France  with me last summer) works for a delux resort chain in the Caribbean. One of her hotels is located in this Spanish colonial mountain city in Mexico and my friend says she can arrange it so we can there stay the for free. So although this town has never been on my bucket list, I’m not going to turn down staying in a five star resort free of charge. Plus, from all accounts San Miguel de Allende is a beautiful city that’s popular with expats. Have you been there? Got any recommendations?

Well, that’s what’s on my list for now. I’d also love to visit Washington D.C. (I’ve got a friend there) and Denver, Colorado (I have a cousin who just moved there). We’ll see if my budget will allow that…I’ll keep ya posted!

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