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Las Vegas’s Oldest Bar is 101 Years Old and Sort of Awesome

pioneer saloon
The Pioneer Saloon in Goodsprings, NV, January 2014
Pioneer saloon
Here’s what it looked like 100 years ago.

Here’s a fun fact: The oldest bar in Southern Nevada is 101 years old and located just 30 minutes outside of Las Vegas, in the town of Goodsprings, NV.

A friend and I went there last Sunday and wandered around the dilapidated old ghost town and then hung out with the bikers and cowboys in the saloon.

The Pioneer Saloon is sort of awesome for a few reasons:

  • The drinks are served in mason jars and red solo cups

My beer and my friend’s whiskey, served in a mason jar.
  • It’s supposedly haunted.  A man was murdered at the saloon and there are still bullet holes in the walls to prove it.

Those are real bullet holes in the wall!
  • It’s got some interesting history!

Gone with the Wind  actor Clark Gable spent three days there while he waited to learn what had happened to his wife, Carole Lombard. She had died in a plane crash. There’s a room in the bar dedicated to the couple.

PicsArt_1390363847012 (1)

  • It’s got a general store next door that sells food and souvenirs


  • The saloon is located in an old ghost town

The road in front of the saloon


  • But the coolest part, obviously, was this:

IMG_20140119_191304 (1)

Can you guess what this is used for?  Hint: It involves a live chicken…

The Pioneer Saloon

Phone number: (702) 874-9362


Driving Directions

From Las Vegas:
Head South on I-15, Travel 20 miles
Exit 12, Jean Nevada
Turn right and travel 7 miles
On right

Hours of Operation:


7 Days a Week
9AM – Till the Drinking is done


8AM till 9PM Daily

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  1. hello my name is Wayne,I have started a old western gun fight group and we are going to start having western gun fights at the pioneer saloon on the week end starting in the spring,we are all bikers , the name of the group is iron horse gunslingers. hope to see you there.

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