Teaching ESL


I taught English off and on for a total of five years. Here’s a collection of some of my posts relating to my time teaching abroad in Japan and Guatemala and right here in Las Vegas.

5 Funny Videos about Teaching ESL

Teaching English in Japan

Must Love Kids: What It’s Like to Teach English in Japan

Are Japanese children “just shy” or is it something else?

Are Japanese and American Children Really All That Different?

Would you date one of your students?

ESL Teaching Tips: How to Discipline Problem Students

The Lazy Teacher’s Guide to Teaching English

The “English-Only” Rule in the Classroom

Korean Students aren’t Shy and Other Observations

Teaching English is No Joke

Teacher Barbie

English Teacher or Aerobics Instructor?

The Hokey Pokey: That’s What’s It All About…My Job Teaching English in Tokyo

Teaching English in Guatemala

My New Job Teaching in Guatemala

That’s Guatemala For Ya

Is Working in a Developing Country Ethical?

Guatemalan Schools are Corrupt (I Know. Duh, right?)

Why I Quit Teaching in Guatemala

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