Travel Addiction

You Know You’re a Travel Addict When…

airplane tattoo

17.  You frequently find yourself saying: “That reminds me of this one time, when I was in…(insert  name of random country).

16. You have to order new pages for your passport.

15.  Instead of honeymooning for two weeks in Hawaii or Tahiti, your  honeymoon involves a year-long RTW trip.

14.  You read the acronym RTW and immediately know that it stands for Round The World.

13. You read guidebooks for fun.

12.  You don’t have paintings on the wall, you have maps.

11.  Some people cry when they leave home. You cry when you have to go back. (Thanks, Nomadic Matt for numbers 11 through 13).

10.  When you’re in between fixes (er, trips), sometimes the only activities that get you through the day are reading inspirational travel quotes or google image searching the word “Thailand”.

9.  When you go to purchase a coffee at 7-11, finding the correct change takes forever because you have to first sort through the four different coin currencies spilling from your wallet..

8.  You lie when it’s time to renew your passport and say that it was stolen…all so that you can hold onto your hard-earned passport stamp collection.

7.  On your couch surfing profile you’re permanently listed as “Traveling at the moment”.

6.  You’ve couch surfed but have never hosted anyone, because you can’t remember the last time you stayed anywhere long enough to own a couch.

5.  You know what couch surfing means.  And you know what WWOOFing is, too.  Hell, you’ve done both.

4.  Whenever you’re home for a while, the urge to hit the road again is so strong you avoid the travel section of the bookstore.  It just hurts too much.

8.  You’ve sold your car, furniture, hair, blood or moved back in with your parents…in order to fund your next trip.

7.  Your mother or friends worry about you and suggest that perhaps you’re using travel as a means of “running away from your problems”.

6.  Your house is on fire and you’re only able save one thing, and you chose your travel scrap book.

5.  You haven’t bought new clothes or gotten a haircut in over a year, because you’d rather use that money towards funding an extra night in (insert name of next vacation destination).

4.  You use Skype more often than your cell phone because most of your friends are scattered around the globe.

4.  You’ve tried living a stationary life several times in the past but weren’t able to last more than a year before you had to quit your job and hit the road again

3.  All you want for Christmas is an electronic translator.

2.  You belong to an online dating website (because when you’re always on the go, when do you have time to meet anyone?) and your profile headline reads “Must Love Travel”.

1.  You have a travel blog.  And after you’re done reading this, you write your own “You Know You’re a Travel Addict When…” post.


Photo source: United Airlines Tattoo, coutesy of Tattoos in Flight.
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