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Halloween in Sin City

My friend recently joked that unlike guys, girls have it easy when it comes to choosing a Halloween costume.

“Girls just wear their underwear and bunny ears,” he complained.  “Or their underwear and angel wings or their underwear and devil horns.”

That was certainly evident last weekend when I attended what is widely considered the wildest and most risque Halloween event in the country:  The Fantasy and Fetish Ball.

Held in an arena at South Point casino in Las Vegas, the ‘ball’ featured, in addition to stilt walkers and acrobats, a mechanical banana ride, strippers and fire-jugglers whose bra’s spouted real fire.  Of course, being that the word ‘fetish’ was in the event’s title, there were also a number of sideshows involving whips, chains and naked people hanging from the ceiling.

And while as my friend had expected, there was no shortage of girls in their underwear, I wasn’t one of them.  I decided to buck the trend and go as the little mermaid.

Me as 'Ariel' from Disney's "The Little Mermaid"

What about you?

Where in the world were you for Halloween?

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