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Decorating Idea for Travel Addicts:
DIY Passport Stamp Art

Passport Stamps by Mondayne


I love this idea of turning old passport stamps into framed pieces of art.  The blog, A Brooklyn Limestone in Progress, posted a ‘how-to’ guide which makes the whole project seem both easy for amateur artists like myself and cheap (supplies totaled just five bucks).

 Here are the steps:

1.  Scan a few of your favorite passport stamps into your computer

2.  Enlarge them

3.  Print onto card stock

4.  Frame

The blogger also suggests gluing them onto blocks of wood, but I like the idea of simply keeping the enlarged passport stamp as is and framing it. I also want to do the same thing with my collection of plane ticket stubs (or I might just create a collage).

Here’s an example of a similar idea (a framed postcard):

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