Travelogged: This Week’s Best Pics and Posts for Travel Addicts

Photo by Phillipe Leroyer
*  These zombie photos are awesome.  They were taken in Paris, France during a Zombie Walk.

*  The “Linguistic Genius of Babies” is an interesting TED talk for ESL teachers or language nerds

*  5 Must-See TED Talks on Language – More TED talks for language nerds!

*  Goats have accents! – Thanks to my cousin, Anderson, for posting this one on Facebook

*  Scary observation decks from the Web Urbanist.  I guess I’ll have to add the Wills Tower Deck in Chicago to the Bucketlist

*  This Family Travels for 11-years!   – 24 countries, 6 kids, 2 parents and 1 car…Does anyone else think this is wrong?  What are they going to do when their kids are teenagers?

*  Interesting read about college students and studying abroad.  “But only about 1 percent of the 20.4 million students enrolled in American colleges went abroad to study in 2009-2010.”  Scary!

*  List of world’s most expensive houses.  John Travolta has a private airport with a runway that connects to his house.

*  Normally I hate cliched photos of churches, but this church made out of LED lights is one I’d make an exception for.

Photo by Lorena Pajaras

Is New York really worth living in THAT?

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