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Only in Vegas: Funny Photos from Around Sin City

I often tell people that Vegas is one of the strangest cities I’ve ever lived in. And for those who’ve been following this blog for a while (domo arigato, by the way!), you’ll know that that’s saying a lot. I’ve lived in some pretty strange places (I’m talking to you Tokyo and NYC!). Here are a few of the stranger photos I’ve captured over the last year. Enjoy!

Librarian Strip Club
Librarian Strip Club, Las Vegas

I’ve been wanting to go to this strip club ever since I moved here. Not because I’m a fan of strip clubs, but mostly because I’m curious as to what it’ll look like inside. Will all the strippers be dressed in pleated skirts, buns and little granny glasses? Will there be actual books or at the very least, book-themed cocktails?

I have a feeling the answer is no, but wouldn’t that be an interesting theme for a bar?

This sign was in the back of a strip club.

I found this sign posted in the parking lot behind a strip club. I thought it was interesting that the strippers were referred to as “show girls.”

Good to know!
Dead Cows on Sale! Mmm...Yummy!
It's funny cause it's true!
The Hangover T-Shirt

The shirt above is for sell in nearly every gift shop up and down the strip. It’s from a scene from the first Hangover film (just in case, ya know, you’ve been living in Antarctica for the past couple of years and are one of the few people who haven’t seen that movie).


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