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Fashion for Travel Addicts: Adventure-themed Jewelry

Um, I love all of these. Will one of you please buy me the telescope necklace? Pretty please?


globe necklace
Vintage globe locket by Plastic Couture

This globe locket is made out of brass and costs $32.50. It’s available via Plastic Couture.

Spyglass necklace by Glazed Black Cherry

The telescope is collapsible and really works! It costs $33.99 and is available on Glazed Black Cherry’s Etsy page.

wandering adventure necklace
Wandering Adventure Hand-Painted Pendent by Carolyn Blackhurst
pirate necklace
Pirate ship necklace by Carolyn Blackhurst

The two hand-painted pendents above are for sale at Carolyn Blackhurst’s Etsy page and are just $15 each.


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