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New Travel Dating Site Matches Pretty Women with Rich Travelers

dating website for travelers
Photo by Andrea Rose


A rich business exec gives a pretty woman the following offer: Travel with me, stay in the presidential suite of a five-star hotel, dine in expensive restaurants with me and my friends, and you won’t have to pay for a thing!

If that sounds an awful lot like the plot of the movie Pretty Woman, well, it is. But it’s also the premise for the online dating website  Sounds super sketchy, right?  That’s what I thought too.

Check out this ueber funny post on Matador: Hot Chicks Travel for Free. In it, writer Candice Walsh describes her experience using the site to try to snag some free vacations. She doesn’t have much luck until she meets a guy from Hawaii. This is how she imagines her date with him will go:

“This is how I picture it going down. I show up in Hawaii. He greets me with a rose, the smile fading on his face ever so slightly as he realizes I’m wearing yoga pants and an Aeropostale hoodie. We share a long, uncomfortable car ride making small talk about the weather. We try to break the ice with random questions like, “Where are you from? What’s your favourite flavour of Jello?” We embark on a trip together, to Rome. We argue loudly on the airplane about who gets the window seat. I want to see the Colosseum and he needs to buy new shoes from Gucci.
When I refuse, he strangles me.”

While I think isn’t much more than an escourt company loosely disguised as a dating website, I find the idea intriguing.

Here’s their promotional video:

If I were rich enough to afford it, I’d love to hire a hot dude to accompany me on all my vacations. Though not for the reasons you’d think. I’m not interested in any mile high club action, but rather more of a personal assistant slash man slave arrangement. Someone to pick up my luggage at the baggage carousel, organize my transportation and make my hotel reservations; all those pain-in-the-butt parts of travel that I usually postpone until three hours after I arrive somewhere.  It’d be cool if he spoke the local language too, so that way he could be my language tutor slash translator.

I’m totally kidding by the way. I’d never hire some hot foreign man to wait on my beck and call.  That’s what husbands are for! I’d just marry some hot foreign man instead (Ha ha).

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