Famous Film Locations: Seaside, Florida

the truman show film location

The film location for "The Truman Show". Photo by Clark Maxwell.

You’ve got mail? Look at that teeny tiny post office! Photo by Clark Maxwell.

I recently wrote a post for Flipkey.com called Vacation on Location: 5 Famous Film Locations. In it, I wrote about the setting of the film The Truman Show.  Though it isn’t my favorite Jim Carey film (I prefer Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind), I loved the setting and was surprised to learn that the white-washed, white-sand beach town in the movie wasn’t a Hollywood set but a real “master-planned community” in Panama City Beach, Florida.

the truman show

Seaside, Florida. Photo by Tim Cummins

Photo by Tim Cummins.

seaside florida

Movie Still from the film "The Truman Show". Photo courtesy of Reel-Scout.com

The photo above is a still from the film The Truman Show. It’s courtesy of an article about iconic movie locations from reel-scout.com.

florida vacation rental

View from a vacation rental in Seaside, Florida

Photo above courtesy of Flipkey.com

Ain’t it beautiful? I’d love to stay there one day.

What about you? What famous film locations have you visited?

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