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Flintstones’ Bedrock City in Arizona: It’s a Yabba Dabba Doo Time!


A few weeks ago, my car was in the shop, so Frankfurter “Frankie” von Hot Dog and I decided to make the best of the unlimited miles on our rental car and go on a road trip to Bedrock City.

Bedrock is a semi-abandoned theme park and campsite located in a windswept field in Northern Arizona, about an hour away from the Grand Canyon. Though the campsite, park, gift shop and snack bar are still an operation, the park was built in 1972 and it shows. As Roadside America explained it, “The paucity of vegetation makes this Bedrock seem like an encampment of global holocaust survivors, or one of those ghost towns built by the military to test the effectiveness of atomic bombs.”

It was certainly eerie and ghost town-like when I visited. Except for a goat named Goatasaurus, I was alone.

bam bam figure at bedrock city in arizona
betty flinstones bedrock city arizona
Betty Rubble
fred flinestone theme park arizona
Fred Flinestone’s car at Bedrock City, Arizona
fred flinestone house at bedrock city in arizona
Fred Flinestone at Bedrock City


flintstones theme park arizona
Blue dinosaur
Arizona flintstones theme park arizona
Bedrock city school at Bedrock City
theatre at bedrock city in arizona
Bedrock city, Arizona. A storm is blowing in!
inside the house of the rubble house
Inside view of the Rubble household
barney rubble at bedrock city in arizona
Barney outside of his house in Bedrock city in Arizona
dino statue at bedrock city in arizona
Dino at Bedrock city, Arizona
tall sign fred flintstone
Fred Flintstone sign outside of Bedrock City in Arizona
fred flintstone house interior
Interior of Fred and Wilma Flintstone’s house
wilma outside of flintstone house at bedrock city in arizona
Wilma Flintstone

fred flintstone at bedrock city in arizona

fred and wilma flintstone house in bedrock city arizona
Inside the Flintstone house at Bedrock city

I don’t know that I’d recommend a special trip to see the place (it’s about 4 hours away from Vegas), but if you’re headed to the Grand Canyon, it’s worth a stop. It only costs $5 and makes for some fun photo opportunities.

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  1. Oh my word! I love it! I never heard of it before. I wonder if they are still in business 3 years later. They could have a festival, they could have bowling tournaments, they could promote this place into a profit! There are a lot of people who still LOVE the Flintstones! Thanks for sharing! I really enjoyed reading about it!

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