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Alien Hunting near Area 51

A few weeks ago, my friend Tom and I went alien hunting near Area 51.

For those of you that follow me on Facebook, I know the suspense must be killing you, so I won’t make you wait any longer.

We didn’t find any aliens.

I know, RIGHT? I was hoping we would, too. But though we didn’t encounter any little green men or spot any UFOs, we did meet some interesting residents of Rachel, Nevada (the closest town to Area 51. Well, really, the ONLY town within a 40 mile radius of Area 51). We also got lost in a cornfield, camped out in a field of cows and peed outside the Area 51 gate (it was a long drive, alright? And Area 51 is literally in the middle of nowhere).

Anywho, here’s a photo recap of the trip. Enjoy!

Reannon and dog posing infront of the extraterrestrial highway
Me and my dog Frankie, posing in front of the Extraterestrial Highway sign
alien gift shop Extraterrestrial highway
The alien gift shop along the Extraterrestrial highway
sign extraterrestrial highway
Sign next to the alien gift shop / museum along the Extraterrestrial highway
gift shop sign off the extraterrestrial highway near Rachel, Nevada
It’s the gift shop (museum?) sign along the Extraterrestrial highway, on the way to Rachel, Nevada. The gift shop/museum was closed when we stopped by

ET sign outside the gift shop off of Extraterrestrial highway

The Little A’Le’ Inn (Get it? Little Alien?)

It’s the only hotel in town. The town of Rachel consists of this hotel and a handful of houses and trailers and…not much else. There isn’t even a gas station. According to Wikipedia, the town’s population hovers around 50. Yep, 50 people.

We stopped by and took some photos and then had a beer in the hotel bar. I bought a magnet at the little gift shop in the bar.  The bar wasn’t busy (even though it was a Friday night) and the only people there were three locals. They weren’t too interested in talking about aliens with us. Go figure.

Earthlings Welcome Little Aleinn in Rachel, Nevada

Little Ale Inn Area 51

outside the Little Aleinn in Rachel, Nevada

"All species welcome" sign in Area 51

alien mural at the inn near Area 51

alien highway license plate
The license plate of the fire truck parked in the Little Ale Inn hotel

alien license plate

The photo below is of the time capsule that sits outside the Little Ale Inn. It was put there by the producers of Independence Day with instructions not to open it until the year 2050.

closeup shot of time capsule near Area 51

The Guard Shack and Gate at Area 51

Area 51 gate near Rachel, Nevada

Notice the warning sign: “Photography of this Area is Prohibited.”

"no photography" warning sign area 51

Alien Hunting (aka driving down a dirt road through the desert)

alien hunting in the nevada desert. View from the car.

 Here’s where we went “camping” (aka pitched a tent on the side of the road).camping spot near Rachel, Nevada

lake and camping near Rachel, Nevada

tent and camp fire near Area 51

Have you ever visited Area 51? What’d you think?

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