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What do all travelers have in common?

Whether you’re young or old, shy or outgoing, an optimist or a pessimist, if you’re a traveler, then chances are that you share this one quality with other travelers: open-mindedness.

The personality trait “openness to new experience” is one of the traits described in the Five Factor Model. People who score high in this personality trait are natural-born travelers and adventure seekers. They seek out new experiences and are drawn to creative pursuits and anything that’s novel or unique.

Open personality types are also more likely to:

* Have an active imagination

* Be in touch with their feelings

* Crave variety

* Posses a love for learning

* Have a willingness to engage in self-examination.

* Be able to make connections between two remote ideas

* Remember their dreams

Though not EVERYONE who travels scores high in the openness trait, I would assume that most who embrace travel as a lifestyle (I.e, the permanent nomads of the world) come pretty darn close.

What do you think? Would you say this true of you?

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