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Hot Springs in the Mojave Desert (Yep, they exist!)

The Arizona Hot Springs, located in Arizona near the Hoover Dam, are about 45 minutes outside of Las Vegas. They’re one of two local hot spring locations (the other one is called Gold Strike Hot Springs) and can be reached either by boating down the Colorado River or by hiking along a dry riverbed. Calling it a ‘hike’ is misleading, however, as the trail is mostly flat, so even though it’s approximately three miles long (six miles round trip), the walk isn’t strenuous. You can walk there even if you’re not in great shape.

Colorado River

River in Arizona, Hoover Dam

The Colorado River

Hiking to Arizona Hot Springs

butterflies near the Arizona hot springs

hiking to the Arizona hot springs

The red, blue and purple canyon walls are what make this a particularly gorgeous hike.

hiking in the canyon near Las Vegas

There’s a little bit of scrambling is involved as you get closer to the springs.

hot spring and ladder

To get to the hot springs, you have to climb up a ladder.

relaxing in the Arizona hot spring

There are two pools. The one pictured above is the milder of the two, the other one is too hot in my opinion (you can only sit in it for a few moments before you start to feel light-headed).

Though you don’t have to be SUPER athletic to hike this, note that it is six miles round trip and walking in sandy gravel isn’t easy if you’re not use to it. Make sure to bring at least a couple of liters of water, and, perhaps this goes without saying, but don’t go to the hot springs in the late spring or summer. It’s way too hot out there to be hiking in the desert heat!

If you want more details and directions, The Bird and Hike website is a great source of information and has a lot more photos.

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3 thoughts on “Hot Springs in the Mojave Desert (Yep, they exist!)

  1. We did this awesome hike a couple of months ago. I asked for directions at the nearest gas station and only got confused looks. We stumbled around a bit once we got down to the Colorado River but finally found the path up. The hike wasn’t challenging for my 10 year old but it definitely took a full day commitment for us.

  2. Great information you provided…Looking forward to a few days off in a hot spring with beauty!..Thank you for your pics.

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