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Come to Las Vegas and You Can Get Married in a Denny’s (No, Seriously)

Downtown Las Vegas keeps getting stranger and stranger…

Not only does Fremont Street have the Heart Attack Grill (where people can eat for free if they weigh 365 pounds or more)  and a drag queen bowling alley (it’s called Drink and Drag and it’s exactly what it sounds like, a bowling alley slash bar staffed by drag queens…it’s actually but pretty cool) but now it has a wedding chapel inside of a Denny’s.

Yep. For reals.

Denny's downtown Las Vegas


outdoor patio seating Dennys Las Vegas

Since it opened last spring, Denny’s in Downtown Las Vegas (north of the Strip) is marketing itself as a sort of ‘one stop shopping’ for couples hankering for an omelet with a side of holy matrimony.

If that sounds tacky, well, it is…But it could be worse. This Denny’s is more upscale than most. It has a bar, for one, and a spiffy photo booth.  And although the “chapel” isn’t much to write home about, it has a vaulted ceiling with a skylight and it’s in its own cornered-off section of the restaurant. And the wedding package, which costs 95 dollars, includes a cake made out of (what else?) pancakes and two ‘just married’ souvenir t-shirts.

Pretty crazy, huh?

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