Expat Life

I’ve lived in Austria, Germany, Japan, Guatemala and the USA (my home country). Here are some of my favorite posts about life abroad.

Why I’m Jealous of Third Culture Kids

20 Reasons You Should Live Abroad at Least Once In Your Lifetime

7 Quotes about Expats and Living Abroad

12 More Quotes about Being an Expat

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Which country best matches your personality?

Help! I was born in the wrong country!

Dating when you’re aBROAD! It ain’t easy!

Why I Like Living Abroad

The Hippies in Guatemala

Would you ever relinquish your citizenship?

The Xpat Factor

Expats with REAL Jobs

What has travel taught you?

Which do you prefer: Traveling or living abroad?

Living abroad makes you more creative…but what happens after you return home?

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