Living Abroad

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I’ve lived in Austria, Germany, Japan, Guatemala and the USA (my home country). Here are some of my favorite posts about life abroad.

20 Reasons You Should Live Abroad at Least Once In Your Lifetime

Living abroad will make you more self confident and more creative and will give you insight into yourself and your place in the world.

Why I’m Jealous of Third Culture Kids

A “Third Culture Kid” (or TCK as they are known) is the title for anyone whose grown up in several different countries and/or cultures. They’re some of the most wise, mature and fascinating people I’ve ever met.

7 Quotes about Expats and Living Abroad

Quotes from famous expats: Ernest Hemingway, Bill Bryson.

12 More Quotes about Being an Expat

What’s it like to live abroad? Why do people do it? Read on to find out.

I adopted a dog! Are my expat days over?

Owning a dog is awesome. But it does make moving and traveling a challenge.

Which country best matches your personality?

A look at which personality types are most prevalent in which countries. The results are based on a Myers Briggs study on personality types and culture.

Help! I was born in the wrong country!

Sometimes I feel like I don’t belong in the US.

Dating when you’re aBROAD! It ain’t easy!

Thoughts on being a single foreign female in Asia.

Why I Like Living Abroad

Some people live abroad so that they can feel different or special. I live abroad because it’s the only place I feel normal.

The Hippies in Guatemala

Photos from San Pedro, a tiny expat community on a lake in Guatemala.

Would you ever relinquish your citizenship?

More and more Americans are giving up their US citizenships in favor of permanently relocation abroad, according to The New York Times.

The X-Pat Factor

Why I miss living abroad.

Expats with REAL Jobs

When I taught English in Japan, I’d often feel judged for not having a real job.

Which do you prefer: Traveling or living abroad?

Are you a born expat or a born nomad? Author Elizabeth Gilbert explains the difference.

Living abroad makes you more creative…but what happens after you return home?

A study has found that living abroad makes you more creative. Is it possible to loose that creativity after you return home?

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