I Quit My Job

Maybe this doesn’t come as much of a surprise to you.  It certainly wouldn’t if you’d been around me the last few weeks and listened to my endless grumbles of “I don’t get paid enough for this” or “I’m not here to play Hilary Swank to a bunch of unmotivated, ungrateful punks.” Because besides the… Read More I Quit My Job


How’d you like to wake up to THIS on your birthday?

As far as places I’ve lived with weirdo customs, Japan definitely takes first prize (remember the Penis Festival?).  But you gotta give it to Guatemala for trying.  When it’s your birthday here, people have this interesting annoying tradition that involves lighting fire crackers outside the birthday boy or girl’s bedroom door.  At dawn.  Or sometimes… Read More How’d you like to wake up to THIS on your birthday?


My New Job

If you read “teaching job in Guatemala” in my last post and envisioned me sweating it out in a humid, windowless shack while my students sat on the dirt floor, shoeless yet eager to learn…well, you’d be a tad bit off with that one. The reality is that I teach in a very posh International… Read More My New Job

Expat Life

Why I like Living Abroad

Today my Dutch roommate told me that he doesn’t like living with expats. “At home I’m special,” he explained. “But here, no one cares that I used to live in Curacao,” naming the Caribbean island he lived on for five months before moving to Guatemala. It’s true. I live in a house with mostly other foreigners who… Read More Why I like Living Abroad


My Spanish Teacher

When I showed up to Spanish school this past Monday, I was informed by the school’s secretary that: 1.  My Spanish teacher had “amoebas” 2.  He wouldn’t be coming back to school any time soon Well.  I’m not entirely sure what amoebas are, but if they’re anything like the food poisoning I had a few… Read More My Spanish Teacher